Can an electric car be charged for five minutes and run five hundred miles?

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Can an electric car pcb manufacturing be charged for five minutes and run five hundred miles?

In recent years, clean energy automotive have developed rapidly, and electric vehicle companies have introduced a variety of technologically electric automotive. Through continuous technological innovation, the performance of electric automotive  pcb manufacturing has been greatly improved, and electric automotive have gradually entered people’s lives from concept products.

pcb manufacturing

pcb manufacturing

Electric automotive pcb manufacturing are in line with the trend of scientific and technological progress and the development of the times, and are loved and accepted by more and more people. However, compared with fuel vehicles, electric vehicles have problems such as short cruising range, slow charging speed and high cost. The key to solving the problem lies in the electric power battery, which determines the vitality and competitiveness of the electric vehicle.

automotive pcb

automotive pcb

Lithium-ion batteries convert electrical energy and chemical energy into energy storage and release, and PCB boards are also a core part of electric vehicles.


For electric vehicles, the more electricity you store, the better. The longer the operation time, the better the power. Materials must be able to quickly supply power to  the car and quickly charge when the battery is exhausted, which is closely related to the sensitivity of the battery board.


The current problem with electric vehicles is that battery life is limited! The cruising range of a fuel car filled with a tank of oil is about 500 kilometers. The cruising range of an electric car depends on its “tank” – the battery. Some people may ask why not install an oversized battery for the car? Does this idea make sense? The answer is not. Not the bigger the battery, the higher the cruising range!


With these data, we must also consider the quality of the battery assembly and the weight of the vehicle in order to make a rough estimate of the cruising range of the electric vehicle. The reliability of the vehicle quality depends on the reliability of the pcb manufacturing.


“Charging for five minutes, battery life of five hundred miles”, at present, can not be reached. At present, this is also the direction of long-term thinking and researched by PCB manufacturers and car manufacturers.


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