Application of ISO 9000 standard in SMT patch processing

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Application of ISO 9000 standard in SMT patch processing

In the development of enterprises, the establishment of a good quality management system can help enterprises or SMT chip processing manufacturers to produce products can better achieve customer satisfaction.ISO is the international organization for standardization. Its purpose is to promote international cooperation and the unification of industry standards.Many enterprises image ISO9000 series of standards as the “passport to the world economy”, is the brand’s entrance into the world market, is to win the trust of consumers guarantee;Through various institutionalized procedures of iso9000 quality and quality assurance standards, the enterprise’s development goals, policies and requirements are organically combined, making management measures strict, regular, popular, persistent, more scientific and less arbitrary.

In the management of SMT patch processing and production, process method is adopted to identify and manage numerous interrelated activities, as well as systematic management and continuous monitoring and control of these activities, so as to achieve high quality of SMT processing products and improve the production capacity and efficiency of SMT patch processing.The main process of implementing iso9000 series standard in SMT patch processing is as follows:

1. Establishment of documented quality management system.

In the planning and design of SMT processed products, it is necessary to define who and when to use those procedures and related resources in the form of documents to form the quality plan.To establish a documented quality management system, the following contents should be confirmed:

(1) formulate SMT product technical specifications and requirements

(2) determine the process documents and resource requirements that should be established.

(3) confirm the activities needed to implement the product, such as design verification, review and confirmation, process confirmation, product inspection and test, product production or process monitoring and measurement, and the acceptance of products in each stage.

(4) establish can prove that each product implementation process and intermediate products and final products meet the requirements of the record.

(5) according to the characteristics and complexity of the product.The characteristics and experience of the enterprise and other factors, clear division of the design and development process stage.

(6). Specify the appropriate review, verification and validation activities needed in each design and development stage, including the timing of activities, participants and the way of activities.

(7) stipulate the responsibility and authority of each relevant personnel in activity each phase.

(8) sets and manages the interface between different organizations (departments, groups) and people.

SMT process flow diagram

2. Operation of quality management system

(1)Management of documents

(2) personnel training.According to the different training plan and training content, for different positions of personnel training.Let every employee know clearly the importance of their work to quality management and how to achieve the quality objectives of their work.

(3) outsourcing parts and outsourcing parts management.The contractor shall adopt different control methods for different purchased parts or components, and shall select, evaluate and control the products of the supplier in accordance with the established procedures.

(4)SMT patch processing production.Production of products in accordance with the product specifications drawings.Implement the process specification, sample, packing requirement, production instruction and other documents, and maintain all kinds of tooling, clamps, molds and accessories in a planned way to ensure the continuous and stable production of qualified products.

(5) production equipment maintenance and maintenance.

(6) production environment monitoring and management.

(7) quality inspection.Carry out quality inspection according to inspection procedure, inspection standard or technical specification.

(8) product protection.Establish and protect protective marks, such as moisture proof.Anti-static and so on, to prevent SMT product quality damage.

(9) product service.Product release.Delivery, after-sales and other activities are carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions.

SMT cold welding

3. Improve and improve the quality management system.

Check and evaluate the quality management system implementation process according to the quality management system document.

The above is the application of ISO 9000 series standards in SMT patch processing and production, according to the relevant data analysis, in order to get the basis of continuous improvement, to improve the performance of enterprises, enhance customer satisfaction with jingbang purpose.

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