The type of anti-static bracelet and its main role in the production of electronic products

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The type of anti-static bracelet and its main role in pcb manufacturing of electronic products


In the production of electronic products, due to factors such as the  precision and complexity of the products, many of the components of the products are becoming more and more precise and sensitive to static electricity. In the production process, the human body often generates static electricity for some reason. When welding printed circuit boards during pcb manufacturing, electrostatic contact with electronic components will cause electrostatic shock to electronic components, which may cause high voltage of precision components to be instantaneously generated damage, so during electronic products welding, especially chip components, it is necessary to eliminate static electricity generated in the body. In the soldering of electronic products, the antistatic wristband is used to remove static electricity from the human body.


Electrostatic is a kind of electric charge that is at static, or a non-flowing electric charge (the flowing electric charge forms a current). When the charge accumulates on an object (such as a human body, an object) or a surface, static electricity is formed. When an electrostatic object contacts a zero-potential object (such as a metal gate, a faucet, etc.) or an object having a potential difference. At the time, charge transfer occurs, spark discharge occurs, and people also have a sense of electric shock.

The anti-static wrist strap is mainly used for welding components that are easily hit by static electricity, especially when wearing expensive chips to prevent static breakdown of components. It can be easily divided into a corded anti-static wrist strap and a cordless anti-static wrist strap.


1.Corded anti-static bracelet

Because of its simple operation and low price, it has become the most basic anti-static device. It is the most widely used anti-static wristband for electronics enthusiasts and maintainers. It consists of an anti-static elastic band, a snap button, a spring cord, a protective resistor and a collet. When you wear it, you need to ground the wrist strap to release the static electricity generated by the human body through the wrist strap to the grounding system.

Corded anti-static bracelet

Corded anti-static bracelet

The precautions for using the corded antistatic wrist strap are as follows:

(1) The wrist strap must be in contact with the skin during pcb assembly, and ensure that the grounding wire is directly grounded, and the grounding wire must be unobstructed so that the maximum efficiency can be exerted.

(2) During the pcb manufacturing work, the continuous bending of the wristband wristband wire will eventually break the metal brazing inside the wire, causing the anti-static function of the wristband wristband to fail, so check the wristband of the anti-static wristband regularly. Make sure the wristband is in good condition.

2. Cordless anti-static bracelet

Cordless anti-static bracelet

Cordless anti-static bracelet

It is the physical principle of using static voltage balance. According to the principle of “electrostatic engineering”, the static electricity is transmitted by means of pushing between ions. The cordless anti-static wristband is easy to use, but it is more expensive in price aspect, so choose different anti-static wristbands depending on the pcb manufacturing work occasions.



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