Advantages of using AOI inspection equipment

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Advantages of using AOI inspection equipment

This year’s china-US trade frictions and zte incidents have cast a lingering shadow over our lack of “core,until now I have realized our chip gap is so big. I used to look at some models of products when I bought mobile phones and computers. I generally know that the processor of the mobile phone Qualcomm is better. The processor of the computer Intel is better. It seems that Qualcomm and Intel are synonymous with high-end. I usually take convenience into consideration when I use it, and few people should pay attention to what is inside the phone. But when the real trade is in conflict, I suddenly find out that one day you may not even have a mobile phone to use I can’t help thinking that my back cold and sweaty.


Having said that, in fact, in the end, our chips are caused by the failure to meet the requirements of frame design, processing manufacturing equipment, and manufacturing crafts. Although many of our companies are catching up and producing a number of mainstream products, however, the yield of the product still has a significant impact on the production capacity. In fact, the essence of the event reflects that our electronics manufacturing industry requires manufacturers to focus on improving manufacturing crafts, quality control, and precision aspects.

With the increasing precision and high efficiency requirements of SMT (Surface Mount Technology), manual visual inspection has obviously failed to meet the requirements of modern industry, especially the mount of high-precision components, compared with manual visual inspection. AOI (Automatic Optical Detector) has higher stability, repeatability and higher precision, so today’s article we combine the pain of “chip”, from the electronics manufacturer quality control equipment (AOI) ) to elaborate some of the advantages and features of its mounting technology.


First, AOI

The full name of AOI (Automatic Optic Inspection) is automatic optical inspection, which is a inspection device based on the optical principle to detect common defects encountered in welding production. AOI is a new type of testing technology emerging, but it has developed rapidly. Many manufacturers have introduced AOI testing equipment. When it is automatically detected, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, and compares the test solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database. After image processing, the defects on the PCB are checked, and the defects are displayed/marked by the display or the automatic sign.Testing equipment for maintenance personnel to repair.


Second, the usage advantages of AOI in SMT processing:

1. Simple programming

The AOI usually converts the TXT auxiliary text file automatically generated after the SMT machine is programmed into a file of the desired format, and obtains five parameters: the position number, the component serial number, the X coordinate, the Y coordinate, then the system then automatically generates a layout of the circuit to determine the positional parameters of each component and the parameters to be detected. After the completion, fine-tune the detection parameters of each component according to the craft requirements.

2. Easy to operate

Since AOI basically adopts highly intelligent software, the corresponding production cost and personnel training cost are relatively lowered, which is beneficial to large-scale applications.

3. High fault coverage

Due to the use of high-precision optical instruments and highly intelligent test software, the usual AOI equipment can detect a variety of production defects, and the fault coverage rate can reach more than 80%. Therefore, it has a great effect on the improvement of the yield of products in production.

4. Reduce production costs

Since the AOI can be placed in front of the reflow oven to detect the PCB, defects caused by various causes can be found in time without having to wait until the PCB passes through the reflow oven, which greatly reduces the production cost.

Using AOI inspection equipment can reduce craft defects, find and eliminate errors early in the assembly craft process to achieve good process control, early detection of defects will avoid sending bad boards to the subsequent assembly stage, AOI will reduce repair costs and avoid the appearance of unrepairable boards.

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