It is often a tough task especially when you are choosing the one located overseas for your partner with PCB and PCBA. However, we are different!

Why Choose Us

Choose Us :

1. 4 hours for prototype,30 models prototype per day, 3 million points per day.

2. Mature ISO9001 & ISO14001 &IATF16949 certificates quality management system that is traceable, informatization (ERP, MaS).

3. World-class machines, dust-free workshop, advanced destatic device, strict temperature and humidity monitoring.

4. 20 years of production and export experience.

5. Managed storage systems and 16 world-class component suppliers.

6. Global toll-free 24-hour online service.

7. Professional engineering team.

8. NDA.

9. Video inspection online.

10. No MOQ (MOQ can be 1pcs)

Technical Support: Magic Lamp