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Custom Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer

FASTPCBA has served companies in industries such as medical, telecommunications and manufacturing with our superior quality Flex-rigid PCB manufacturing services. Our experience and technical expertise enables us to develop custom flex-rigid PCBs for any specific applications.

As with all types of flexible circuit boards, the Rigid-flex PCB will perform well in even the harshest environments, especially those featuring extreme heat. A rigid flex board is also easy to test, making it well-suited for prototyping.


Our Service Type

FASTPCBA is a professional PCB & PCBA manufacturer in Shenzhen China.Our provide high quality bare PCB and PCB assembly service,including components sourcing, function test,conformal coating and complete assembly for clients all over the world.

FASTPCBA provides superior service for automotive electronics, medical electronics, telecommunications, industrial control, smart home and other industries around the world.

We have a global sales team available to assist you with PCB Manufacturing & PCB Assembly services, Send your PCB files to get better price now !

Here is FASTPCBA full feature flex-rigid PCB manufacturing capabilities:

Max. Layer Count 20 Layer
Max. Finished Thickness 3.2mm
Max. Board Size 500X630mm
Min. Laser Dirlled Hole Size 0.1mm
Min. Mechanical Drilled Hole Size 0.15mm
Min. Mechanical Through Hole Aspect Ratio 13:1
Min. Inner Layer Trace Width/Spacing 0.05mm/0.05mm
Min. Outer Layer Trace Width/Spacing 0.075mm/0.075mm
Soldermask Registraction 0.038mm
Min. Soldermask Bridge 0.08mm
Min. BGA Pitch 0.5mm
Min. Single-ended Impedance Tolerance ±10%
Min. Differential Impedance Tolerance ±10%
Base Material General TG,Middle TG,High TG,Halogen Free,Low Dk,Low loss,High CTI,PTFE
Material Shengyi,ITEQ,Rogers
Surface Finish ENIG,ENEPIG,OSP,Glod Plating,Glod Plating+ENIG,Glod Plating+OSP,Immersion Silver,Immersion Tin,Plating Tin
Advanced Product Rigid-flex+HDI Mass Production
Sample Production
Mass Production


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