Unique culture is an integral part in core competence of FASTPCBA, people-oriented scientific management maintains the vitality and enthusiasm of enterprises. Sufficient study and communication make everyone has the spirit of endless learning and innovation. Through each activity and trip, and courteously visit of company's senior management to the families of employees, cohesion and collaboration ability of the team will be improved once more. The best answer will never be on the familiar road, and we have been forging ahead.

Enterprise culture


Excellent brand, century-old Jing bang Do our best to maximize customer benefits Do your best to maximize employee benefits To creat a better life for our staff.


Core Value:

Service, integrity, responsibility, meticulous, innovative Responsible for quality and customer service in good faith Big market, big logistics, lean professional production Loyalty, respect, mutual help, sharing, We are distinguished FASTPCBA people.



Have the courage to challenge, work hard, Always self-reflection , True, efficient, practical, dedicated, and persistent.


1 Family culture:

FASTPCBA is a big family. Everyone comes from all corners of the country and struggles together. There is no distinction between North and South. There is no such thing as “you, us, ” and they are all members of the corporate family.


2 Praise culture:

Every Monday morning, the award is awarded, 5 green labels reward daily necessities, 5 blue labels reward sterling silver bracelets, 5 red labels reward watches or gold ornaments, 5 yellow labels reward 20,000 yuan, 5 gold awards 0.2 Million.


3 PK culture:

FASTPCBA was in PK month in March, June, September and December. PK was carried out between teams and individuals. PK also integrated the betting mechanism, won the reward and lost the punishment.

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